Monday, August 3, 2009

You may think I'm crazy...

Well, for as much as I love to write and talk, I'm terrible at this whole blogging thing! Yikes. It's been a looooong time. Here's the update:

I did it! I finally moved myself to Texas. It's been a goal of mine for sometime now, but I have just been waiting on God's timing. (I have come to find in the past that His timing is WAY better than mine.)

So, here I am. For those of you who ask if I like it, the answer is...YES! I am loving it. I am having a blast with all of my friends here. There is plenty to do. And I just love being somewhere new.

Yes, I miss my friends and family back home terribly. I'm not that horrible. But, I know that they understand( and I am so thankful for their love and support!) and are happy for me.

For those of you who are wondering about my job situation...NO, I still not have found a job that I want. I am, however, currently working at a Montessori School and am enjoying it. The kids are absolutely hilarious!

There are times that I get discouraged about the job thing. I am so used to having jobs just fall into my lap and this is definately not the case here. I have been so blessed in the past to have had the job opportunities that I had and I realize now that I totally took them for granted.

I have become AMAZING at interviews though! ha! I go on them all the time and get more and more comfortable with each one. This is kind of frustrating though, because it never turns into a job. BUT, I know that God is holding the perfect job at the perfect time for me and that I need to remain patient and faithful(not my best attributes, I must admit). I know that God is teaching me patience and trust at this time and I will allow Him to do so.

Some people think that I'm crazy for moving down here without a job. I'm totally aware of this. They think that it was stupid or bad planning or whatever. And they will just have to think that. I can't change their minds. But I will say this: I have prayed and prayed about this decision for 2 years now and I found peace about it. I know that God doesn't work according to our plans but to His. I feel so good about this move. I would have been crazy not to move. I feel like I am growing and learning so much. I am learning how to be positive and thankful in the toughest/craziest situations. He continues to bless me each day, and I have no idea why.

For example, part of "the plan" was to move to Desoto to a fairly nice house and pay quite a bit in rent. I would be closer to most of my friends in Desoto so I didn't mind paying the amount. However, I now have the opportunity to live in Waxahachie in a much nicer home for less rent. Although, I am a little farther from the friends, this is still a huge blessing because I don't have to be in such a hurry to make a LOT of money! ha! Things like that keep happening. Even though I worry, God always works the situation out for the best.

I have found a church that I absolutely love! The people are so wonderful! God is truly in our midst everytime we gather. I am uplifted each new week!

God is good. He is helping me to grow in my faith more and more, which is just what I want and need.

My dad and I recently watched a movie called "Faith Like Potatoes" and I highly recommend it. It is about a farmer in South Africa and his journey in his faith. It is absolutely incredible. During the film he recites the verse in 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says "If my people, who call on my name, will humble themselves and pray, I will hear them and heal their land." Because of this man's faith in God and his faith in prayer, amazing things happened for him. No, it wasn't all sunny days for him, but even in the most trying of times, God blessed him. This helped me to realize that my situation isn't that bad. I am so blessed. Everything is perfect except for the job thing, and I truly believe that will work out!

So, I will just continue to call on His wonderful name and humble myself and walk in the light and know that I can't go wrong.

So yeah, maybe I am crazy, but I'm happy!

(Oh yeah, and thanks Steph for the words of encouragement! You are just another one of the blessings that God has sent my way!)