Monday, September 28, 2009

Texas oh Texas

holy mr. cow! becoming a texas resident is harder than becoming a u.s. citizen, i'm pretty sure.(don't even get me started on the u.s. citizenship thing. whole other blog, right there.)
ANYWAY, to get my insurance agent's license switched from oklahoma to texas, i have to be a texas resident. duh. no problem, right? wrong. geesh, is it a process!
to become a texas resident i need my texas dl. simple? nope.
to get my texas dl, i need to have my car titled and registered in the state of texas, show evidence of my birth, have my social security card, and surrender my ok dl.
i lost my social security card so i have to apply for a new one.
to get my car titled and registered in the state of tx, i have to have my car inspected.

sooo....i'm applying for my new ssn card. then, i'm having the ole equinox inspected. next, i'll get the title and registration. THEN, i'll get my texas dl. last, i'll get my texas agent's license.

oh yeah, and i had to get fingerprinted for the agent's license!

boy, who knew moving one state down would be so much work?

anyway, it will be well worth it (i'm sure) when i finally get it all done. at least i have a game plan, right?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Success vs. Faithfullness

"God doesn't call us to be successful, God calls us to be faithful." Mother Theresa
Goodness, she was a mighty wise woman, that Mother Theresa.
Here I have been, searching for "success". What is that anyway? Who defines success?
The world see's it as wealth, possessions, social status, fame, blah, blah, blah.
But really, what is it?
We are all looking for that job that results in a large income. Or the one that gets our name out there so people will know just who Carrie Carney is. We want the car, the house, the clothes.
Some people don't think they are successful unless they have the spouse, the kids, and all that goes along with that.
I admit, I've believed that I wasn't successful because I didn't have all of the above.
But not anymore. Nope. I don't define success that way.
I believe that I'm successful because...I'm happy.
Yep, I'm happy. I don't have a 6 figure income or a sports car or designer clothes. I don't have a husband or kids. And guess what...I'm still happy. Shocking, I know.
I have been blessed beyond all comprehension. God has given me more than I will ever deserve.
The world might look at me--a 28 year old woman who is STILL SINGLE, no kids, insurance job, average automobile, known to no one other than family and friends-and think that I am extremely UNsuccessful. And that's okay. You know why?
Because, I'm not living for this world.
A good friend had told me several times that I need to stop searching for the "dream job"(who even knows what that is anyway?)and work for the Lord. I can do insurance(or whatever else) and still serve my Lord and do amazing things for His kingdom.
I don't have to be a record producer or a famous writer.
I don't have to go to Africa or India.
I can live right here and do what I do, and still serve my Father.
Now, I think it's great for those record producers, writer's, singers, over-seas missionaries, etc. to do what they do. That's where they are supposed to be.
But I don't think I should beat myself up because that's not where I am.
God gave us all different gifts. If He were to have given us all the same one, gosh, how boring would that be?
Mother Theresa lived in poverty. She didn't own a car, she wore the same clothes all the time, she didn't have a record deal. She wasn't "successful" according to this world.
She served her God to the fullest. She put herself aside for others.
So yes, she was faithful. But, who says she wasn't successful as well?
I would say that Mother Theresa and the like are more successful because they are faithful.
Look at all the lives they've touched. Look at the joy that they've brought to others and the comfort they've given. Look at the gift that they've shared. That's success right there, friends.
So, maybe God doesn't call us to be successful, just faithful. But in doing so, He blesses us, like always, and makes us successful through our faith.
He's a neat guy, that God.
So, I'm gonna live, you guys. And I'm gonna be happy. Maybe I won't be that wife or mother or author or editor that I used to dream of being. Dreams change. And that's okay. My dreams now are to be as joyful and loving and kind in all situations as possible.
I want to be a light. I want to share His gift. I want to be blessing to Him. I want to be successful in my faith.
That's enough for me.
"He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine" and, I know He will. He'll continue to bless me when I least expect Him too. He'll make dreams I didn't even know that I had, come true. He'll make me successful.
I just need to be faithful.