Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Proud Aunty

so, i don't really consider myself a "braggert". but when it comes to my nephews, i will BRAG all day. i'm just so proud of my nephews. they are such good boys. they are kind, caring, selfless, compassionate, giving...they are just good boys!if you know me and my family, you know that two of my nephews, dusty and lance, are both in iraq along with their uncle and cousin(who are both amazing too, i must say). whatever your opinion on the war, i would certainly hope that you will not disrespect our men and women in uniform. they are doing their jobs and doing them well. they are putting themselves aside for the time being and giving all they have. please, please, respect that. i have my opinions and if you have ever had a conversation with me you know what they are. so, i'm not going to jam them down your throat in this blog. i just wanted to take this time to tell you how wonderful my boys are. instead of me continuing to ramble, i will just share with you an email that i received from dusty not too long ago. his opinion and thoughts matter much more than mine. he's a special boy.(and so is lance! can't leave him out!) i hope you can see just how special he is through this small email. it speaks volumes to me.

"Hey Aunty how are you? I'm doing fine kinda busy but not too bad. Its election time here so kinda cool to witness. Its so funny how my opinions of this war have changed. Now dont get me wrong Iraq sucks, but i have got to be apart of doing things to better this country.We as Americans are actually trying so hard to help them, they have just been corrupt for so long its gonna take a while. Elections seem to be the worst part of it. People have a hard time excepting Democracy, but they will. Other than that all is well. I was thinking the other day, could you imagine us not being able to use our imaginations to play when we were kids and be whoever we wanted. People our age here never got that, but kids like mine will. That is Gods hand i just know it Carrie. He is everywhere. Love, Dusty"

now, if you were me, wouldn't you be proud? i hope so.